Further development

Further development

Passing a theory course and completing first jumps is only the beginning of a long journey. Perhaps your calling is flying with other parachutes, piloting a wingsuit or building freefall formations?

Skydive Estonia offers a variety of further development courses for jumpers of all levels of experience, under the guidance of our own instructors as well as world-famous guest coaches. Theory courses are free for club members.

Refresher courses

At the start of each season, Skydive Estonia organizes refresher courses for all jumpers who need to refresh their theoretical knowledge before the first jump of the new year. A refresher course is mandatory for all jumpers without a FAI license, but traditionally the course is also attended by many experienced jumpers.

Parachute packing course

For your first jumps, it is not necessary to know how to pack a parachute, but from there on it is the norm that the jumper packs his or her parachute themselves. In the beginning, packing a parachute may take over half an hour, but as your experience grows, it should only take around 8 minutes. One of our club members managed to get to 200 jumps wihout packing his own parachute, but he is certainly an exception. Packing a parachute is not rocket science, and our packing instructors will teach you to do it in no time at all.

Wind tunnel camps

In modern skydiving, flying in wind tunnels is a very common training method. Several times a year, Skydive Estonia organises wind tunnel training camps, where everyone can hone their freefall skills under the guidance of our instructors.

Winter boogie

Winter boogie is an annual winter event of Skydive Estonia, where we summarize and discuss our last season, review incidents, and discuss various skydiving-related topics and our plans for the next year.

Different topical courses

Modern skydiving involves many different disciplines. At Skydive Estonia, we organise courses e.g. in the area of freefall formations (FS4 and bigway), freefly, canopy piloting, wingsuit flying, canopy formations, equipment and so forth.

Competitions and record events

Members of Skydive Estonia have successfully participated in various international competitions (the main competitive disciplines for us are FS4 and wingsuit flying), and we hold most of the Estonian national records.

Our latest grand achievement was the Estonian bigway record of 28 people in freefall which we set in 2017. 2017.

Estonian first sequential bigway (a large formation with two points) record of 22 skydivers plus camera in February 2019.