About the club

Skydive Estonia is a non-profit club created in 1998 with the aim to offer its members the best conditions for skydiving in Estonia and the best opportunities to develop, and to promote skydiving in Estonia. Below you will find the answer to the question why should a beginner skydiver choose us above others?

The most experienced instructors in Estonia

Skydive Estonia is home to over ten instructors, who have logged between 500 and 2,800 jumps. You will be taken care of by such men and women like Kristiina Kasemets (2,800+ jumps), Kaido Raudvere (2,500+ jumps), Tanel Viin (2,000+ jumps), Marko Rink (2,000+ jumps), Viido Naruskberg (1,300+ jumps) and others.

Best jump plane in Estonia

The club operates by far the best and fastest jump plane in Estonia – a Pilatus Porter PC-6 built in 2006 and equipped specifically for skydiving, which takes ten skydivers to an altitude of 4 km in less than 15 minutes.


Skydive Estonia’s courses use only modern rectangular ram-air parachutes. Rectangular ram-air parachutes are steerable and, when used correctly, ensure a soft landing on every jump. When used correctly, the probability of injury with a rectangular ram-air parachute is must lower than in the case of round military-style parachutes.

Requirements to the airworthiness of parachutes and the rules for their maintenance are set out in Skydive Estonia’s operating manual which has been approved by the Estonian Civil Aviation Authority. Every parachute system is checked thoroughly on an annual basis, in addition to ongoing inspections as and when needed.

The best place to develop as a skydiver

Skydive Estonia has the broadest expertise in skydiving in Estonia. We will support your continuing development as a skydiver, among other things by organizing add-on courses (which are free for club members!) and bringing world-class skydiving coaches to Estonia.

We are the driving force behind skydiving as a sport in Estonia

Without exception, all official records in Estonian skydiving have been set by or with the participation of our club members and instructors. We hold the record for the largest formation in freefall, the largest female formation in freefall, largest FF formation in freefall, FS4 Estonian record, records in canopy formations (regular and female).

In addition, our club members have pariticpated in world records (BASE record, largest freefall formations) and have represented Estonia in European and World competitions.

Skydive Estonia is actively participating in the development of the legal framework for skydiving in Estonia. We want to develop our sport and know how it’s done.

Convenient club premises

Theory courses are held on comfortable club premises in the center of Tallinn, jumps takes place only 50 km from Tallinn at the Rapla (Kuusiku) airfield, where all club members can use the club house for free, including the sauna, the kitchen and the dormitories.

We are not a business

Skydive Estonia is a non-profit organization both in form and in substance. Our goal is not to earn profit, but to create better jumping conditions and opportunities for our members. We do not have an owner and we direct all money that the club earns back into maintaining and developing the club’s infrastructure and our aircraft. Our team works not for money but for joy and the love of skydiving.