Tandem jump 229
Tandem jump with video 298
NB! A discouted price of 199€ applies for groups of 5 or more (with video – 268€)!

AFF beginner course + 1 jump 299
AFF beginner course + 7 jumps 1059€ NB! Discounted price 969if you pay for the full course with 7 jumps in one go!

AFF levels 2-3 160 (includes equipment and packing)
AFF levels 4-7 110 (includes equipment and packing)

IAD/SL beginner course + 1 jump 139
NB! Special offer to members of the Estonian Defense league: SL beginner course + 1 jump – 100€. For groups starting from 15 people. To book the course pursuant to this special offer, contact us at

Students who have passed the SL beginner course can purchase subsequent jumps from 1,500m for 49 (includes equipment and packing)

Jump ticket for experienced jumpers (Pilatus Porter, 4000 m) 27

Rent of equipment (parachute, altimeter, helmet, goggles, suit) for club members: 10
Packing for student parachutes 7, for small personal parachutes 5€

Annual membership for experienced jumpers 65€

One weekend membership for experienced jumpers 20€